DC++ New Features

Hi, everybody, hope you are liking the beta service of SDSLabs DC++. To make things better, we have implemented new features.
All these features are available through the user named gbot, so send these commands to gbot as a private message to use any feature. All things in <> have to be replaced by your own.

Offline Private Message
Many a time when a user has gone offline, you want to send him private mesage. If you know his/her nick, its easy. Soon, registration will begin, and usernames will freeze. 

+opm <username> <message to user>


To make a request for a file, movie etc., first ctrl+s and then search for it.If not found, request it, by sending folowing Private message to gbot:
+reqadd <request>

To see all pending requests, use +req which shows all unfound requests, using "+req true" will show all found requests.

If you can fill a request simply type "+reqdone request"


You can join a chatroom (identifiable by the ChatRoom after the nick) to chat with a group of users at the same time. You can check the description of a chatroom to see how many users are currently joined.


+help to see which commands you can use
+join to join the chatroom
+list to see the list of people in the chatroom
+leave to leave the chatroom

as a private message to the chatroom to use one of the above commands. Anything else is considered as a chat message once you have joined the chat.


If you have a news in general or about some new content to share with everyone, use this. Dont use for normal bakar, use main chat for that.
To add a news 

+newsadd <news>

"+news" shows all unseen news, using "+news 10" will show last 10 news.

"+news all" will show all news.


We will be running polls from time to time and you'll be informed in main chat
"+Poll" shows currant poll, to vote in an active poll write "+poll <#>" where # is the number of your alternative.
"+Pollhist" Shows the previous poll results.
To add your own poll, private message any administrator.

Last Seen:

Now you can chek, when a particular user was last logged on at DC or if he is available right now. 

Send “+lastseen <nickname>”

Remember all these commands are to be sent as a private message to gbot.

That’s all included for now, watch out for more features out soon before the end of beta.

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