DC (Direct Connect)


SDSLabs brings to you the first ever DC (Direct Connect) Network of the campus. Now, you can enjoy DC++ like other institutes without any problems. The configuration procedure has been cleared of any hurdles, to bring you a perfect DC experience.

What Is DC ?

DC is a peer to peer file sharing network. Using it you can share and download the shared files from anyone in the campus, and also search through them and Thus, creating a virtually central hub of shared softwares. You can read more about it at wikipedia.

But What's Different ?

Two things.Firstly, it is local i.e. it doesn't require net access and works across bhawans. But the better thing is - it is peer to peer sharing. Which means, like torrents, you connect to source directly - not to a common server hosting all the content (which is in case of sharing via FTP). Which also means if more persons are connected, speed is not reduced due to increased load on the server. Since the load is equally divided across peers. More information on Wikipedia

Which Bhawans ?

As of now, DC++ is available for Rajiv, Radhakrishnan & Kasturba bhawans.



Connection Settings

This time around, learning from our experiences last year, we've bought you a better, much more streamlined and easier registration/sharing procedure.Just follow these steps below, and you'll be up and sharing in no time.

  1. Download the latest version of DC++ (a Direct-Connect client) from FilePanda(here) See below for information on using other clients). If you already have a version installed, please clear any settings

  2. Fill up your personal information in Preferences. Please see below for help in choosing a nickname.

  3. Under Connection Settings, change your settings to the following :
    • Disable "Enable automatic incoming connection type detection" .
    • Choose "My computer is directly connected to Internet (no router)"

Connection Settings

  1. Click on Quick Connect and fill in the following settings :
    Server Address:
    The server address could now be also filled as : dc.sdslabs.co.in

Quick Connect

  1. Click on Connect!
  2. That's it you should now see a list of online users, and be able to download stuff
  3. Press Ctrl+S to search
  4. Open File->Settings->Sharing
  5. Click on Add Folder and browser to a folder that you want to shared
  6. Choose a name for your share, and click on OK.
  7. Your DC client will index your files, and upload the index when it is done. You can click on "Run In Background", and be notified of indexing progress in the System Log tab in DC.
  8. Change Upload Slots to 10. In a LAN based internal network, it is best to increase slots for sharing.
  9. That's it!

Additional Information

Other Clients

SDSLabs is open to all direct-connect clients that confirm to the DC protocol. Use the same settings in any other client, and it should work. If you have any problems with other clients, we will try to provide our best support, but we cannot say for sure. Make sure to download the latest version of the client, and try changing its settings. If nothing else works, drop us a mail at contact@sdslabs.co.in and we'll see what we can do.

Other Operating Systems

SDSLabs is committed to being open to all operating systems, and offer support to all clients on other OSes as well (Mac/Linux/Unix...). Here are a few clients for you to try out :



Direct Install Links use the AptUrl and will work only on Ubuntu. Follow the other links to find downloads for your flavor.


Please follow these guidelines in choosing a nickname :

  • Your nickname should not be offensive to anyone in any manner.


Please try to disable your Windows Firewall/any other firewall if DC is not able to connect. You can also create custom rules for DC by allowing the DC++ applictaion all network activity. Consult your firewall help for further information.

Terms & Conditions

As with any other Network based service, there are a few conditions to its usage. You must agree to the following conditions. If you do not (for any reason), you are not permitted to use the service. Please send us a mail at contact@sdslabs.co.in for any further information about these conditions.

  1. In principle, users are permitted to share any file on DC, irrespective of the file format or file content but any kind of objectionable stuff is not allowed.
  2. Attempts to spam or flood the service are not allowed.
  3. SDSLabs will immediately block such contents after being notified of them and users may be banned in case of multiple such instances.
  4. SDSLabs is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with users, who infringe upon these share rules without notice, to block the access of said users and/or to delete the accounts of such users.